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ClorSan Controller

 (for Marine Waste)

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Clorsan Controller


ClorSan Controller is designed to operate and monitor holding tank in the marine sewage treatment system. It allows the system that uses liquid chlorine to treat waste water to hold the water until the tank is full before discharging the waste water. There is an option for earlier discharge.  

Its features include manual or auto discharge, tank full sensor alarm, and chlorine low alarm.

With simple on-screen menu, users will be able to set discharge time, dosing time, number of dosing and reset chlorine dosing counters.
(Download brochure ~275kb)


The ability to set the dosing timer and the number of dosing allows the system to run automatically so that every flush of the toilet the right amount of chlorine will drop into the holding tank.

Plus the user will be able to preset a discharge timer to discharge the waste water so as to prevent the pump from running dry and burnout.

  Operation Voltages   12V   24V
  Standby current (no load)   40mA   60mA
  Maximum current (no load)   165mA   220mA
  Maximum load current   25A   25A
  Maximum power consumption   6 Watts  
  Ambient temperature range   0 - 70 degC  
  Storage temperature range   -20 to +85 degC Ambient  
  Dimensions   110mm(L) x 80mm (W) x 60mm (H)