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  Voltage Converter

  (with Soft Shut-down & Intelligent Control)

Voltage Converter

VC 3.85S by Wallen Antennae
 For more information refer to Wallen Antennae website
 Type  Switch mode Non-isolated
 Input  15 - 38V DC
 Output  13.2V DC
 Constant current(100% duty cycle)  3.8A
 Intermittent current(30% duty cycle)  7A
 Quiescent current  <15mA
 Oscillator frequency  60KHz
 Transient voltage  Level 3 @ ± 2kV
 Protection  Overload Reverse Polarity Short CircuitSoft-Shutdown
 Efficiency (approx)  91%
 Connection  4x spade
 Colour  Black/gold
 Dimensions (mm)  69 x 74 x 31
 Weight  138g + fixings
 Warranty*  Lifetime

* provide by manufacturer against manufacturing defects