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Electronic Design


Our design services are flexible and catered to your needs. We can help you with the design from concepts through to turn-key stage.

Examples of electronic products which may require controllers include:


•  Marine Sanitation System

•  Cooling Fan Systems

•  Pool Chlorinators/Filter System

•  Open Roof System

•  Rain Water Tanks

•  Lighting

•  Theatre projection screens

•  Curtains

•  Blinds

•  Sewage Treatment Systems

•  Heaters

•  Screen raisers

•  Small DC motors




We can modify existing software or hardware of electronic controllers to suit your need. With our in-house engineer who has extensive knowledge and experience for more than 20 years in electronics industry, you will be able to discuss your electronics/technical requirements directly with the right person.


Manufacturing and Testing

We provide manufacturing services for electronic controllers with strict quality control and testing procedures.


Repair and Service

We offer repair and service with a quick turnaround. We can also offer a fixed price repair.