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Holding Tank Controller

(for Marine/Motorhome Waste)





Holding Tank Controller


HT12V-Waste Holding Tank Controller is designed for easy installation and easy to use. It is packed with features including:

* Heavy duty relay to switch on discharge pump.

* Three push button switches to turn discharge pump on/off and alarm mute.

* Two LED indicators, one for tank full and the other for discharge pump on.

* Compatible to most pressure switches and float switches and float switches.




The Holding Tank Controller is designed to operate and monitor holding tank in the marine sewage treatment system. It allows the system to activate an alarm when the tank is full with the feature of alarm mute. User can manually switch the discharge pump on/off.

It is fitted with heavy duty relay which is suitable to drive most of the discharge pumps in the market.





 Operation Voltages  12V
 Standby current (no load)  40mA
 Maximum current (no load)  165mA
 Maximum load current  40A
 Maximum power consumption  3 Watts
 Ambient temperature range  0 - 70 degC
 Storage temperature range  -20 to +85 0C Ambient
 Dimensions  110mm(L) x 80mm (W) x 60mm (H)