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Inspeed E-VANE2 Electronic Wind Direction Sensor

E-Vane direction sensor


Latest technology in wind sensing: a balanced wind direction vane with a near-zero friction bearing and a high accuracy magnetic angle sensor to provide precision wind direction. Unique locking feature allows you to easily set "North" regardless of mounting orientation.


(as provided by Manufacturer: www.inspeed.com)

 Sensor Type

Balanced wind vane connected to an active, non-contact, zero friction Hall Effect sensor Non-contact, zero friction Hall Effect sensor. Magnet hovers over the sensor to provide the output

NOTE: The e-Vane2 does not include any electronics or display. It is fully compatible with the Inspeed WINDWORKS electronics platform. The design and output of the E-Vane2 are different than the original e-Vane. The e-Vane2 (November 2013) was conceived to have a common body with the new anemometer (easier to make, less parts) and offer a lower cost/price.

 Sensor Range

Full 360 degrees , zero deadband


see below


12 bit or 0.025 degrees


VERSION 1 (Prior to Fall 2013)

Hard wired to flying leads Supply voltage 5 VDC Current 15 mA typical Output 5% to 95% of input voltage Accuracy: +/-0.5% of signal range Length of wire: optional (standard lengths provided)

VERSION 2 (Fall 2013)

Terminal block connection Supply voltage 2.7 to 5.5 VDC Current 12 mA typical Output 5% to 95% of input voltage Output impedance: 500 Ohms Input impedance: min. 50 kOhms Accuracy: +/- 1.7% of Full Scale (+/- 6 degrees) Length of wire: optional (standard lengths provided)


The E-Vane is provided with an offset aluminum bracket with 2 mounting holes. The mounting is compatible with Inspeed Vortex Wind Sensors (the 2 holes match). Verion 2 has an option for a HEAVY DUTY TUBULAR MOUNT


 Directional Vane approximately 8 inches


The Inspeed e-Vane is compatible with Inspeed WindWorks It is not compatible with Inspeed Windware software (which provides wind speed only)


 Cover by manufacturer