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Vortex Wind Sensor


Vortex Windspeed Sensor


Vortex Wind Sensor is a rugged, proven anemometer. Supplied without any electronics, the Vortex sensor is ideal for "do-it-yourself" projects of all kinds.

The Vortex Wind Sensor includes the following major items:

* a high quality 3-cup rotor pressed on a stainless steel shaft

* a flat aluminium mounting bracket with 2 holes

* reed switch and magnet providing one pulse per rotation

* 25 feet of exterior grade wire

Converting pulses to wind speed is simple using the formula: 2.5 mph per Hz (1 Hz = 1 pulse/second).
 (as provided by Manufacturer: inspeed)
 Sensor Type  3-Cup rotor
 Reed switch/magnet provide 1 pulse per  rotation.
 Output  1 pulse per rotation 2.5 mph per Hz
 Rotor Diameter  approx. 5 in (~125 mm)
 Speed Range  approx. 3 mph to 125+ mph (~5 kph to over  200 kph)
 Mounting Bracket  Supplied with an aluminum mounting bracket  with 2 holes for  screws.
 Designed to be mounted on top of a pole or bracket.
 Wire  Standard length is 25 feet (8m) tested OK  to  over 1,500 feet.
 The wire is provided  stripped and unterminated.
 Power  No power required
 Warranty  Cover by manufacturer